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Dr. Andy Rebd

Dr. Andy is a heart centered and skillful hands-on healer. As a chiropractor with years of experience in bodywork, Andy assesses as he works to unwind tension from your nervous system. He makes specific adjustments in your spine so that 100% of your body’s energy is flowing through to every part of you. He will also work with your fascia and muscles that connect to your spine so you can hold your alignment and experience more freedom in your body.

Dr. Andy has special education in working with keiki, babies and pregnant moms through the ICPA and is certified in the Webster technique.

He looks forward to taking so much care of you and your O’hana. All walks of life are embraced and welcome to see Dr. Andy, because after all this work is about the fullness of life’s expression!

Dr. Andy Rebd


Connected Chiropractic LLC


Dr. Andy Rebd
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